Splashed White Ranch - Horses of Distinction
Turning ordinary to extraordinary!

   Splashed White Ranch is focused on producing stunningly beautiful horses with great minds, without sacrificing a performance pedigree.  

  Our goal is to produce one of a kind splash overo foals that have it all.  Beauty, brains and pedigree!  

   Some of our foals will be offered for your consideration and others we plan on training and showing so that they may reach their full potential.  We take special consideration to those homes who are able to provide them with the same opportunities. 

What is Splashed White?
    Splashed white is a an extraordinary coat color pattern where the horse looks as if it has been dipped in white paint.  Some splash horses have modest markings while others have very generous splashed white patterns.  The margins of the white markings are crisp, smooth and well defined.  This pattern is also known as splash overo.  Genetically, there is so much more to know about this amazing coat pattern and we look forward with researchers that our horses will help unlock a few of those mysteries. 
   We would like to give thanks to all of our friends, family, and God who continually support and nurture our dreams.  Like the coat patterns of our horses, you are the colored threads that make up the beautiful tapestry of our life. 
We are currenly under construction, 
please check back... 
AQHA/APHA Splash Overo Horses coming soon!                           
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